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Urological Services
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Dr. Land specializes in the full-range of urological services for patients with anything from prostate issues or urinary incontinence to aesthetic concerns. He’s a board-certified urologist, but he believes his years of experience are the most important credentials. Firsthand experience and open communication between doctor and patient are key to understanding symptoms and determining the best course of treatment.

Dr. Land is specially trained in a variety of urological procedures, including robotic urological treatments and other minimally-invasive surgeries, as well as general and aesthetic care. If you’re experiencing a urological issue, or suspect one might be impacting either function or aesthetics, Dr. Land uses the leading diagnostic technology and most up to date treatments. He’s determined to help you understand the cause of your symptoms, and he’ll work to educate you about your condition, as well as the available treatments.

Urology is a diverse field, and Dr. Land is proud to have the knowledge and experience necessary to offer a wide variety of care, from ureteroscopy for stone removal to penile prostheses. He treats both emergency cases and chronic conditions, always working closely with the patient to determine the best approach to care.

Dr. Land is proud to treat both male and female patients, and welcomes appointments for any concerns that might be urological in nature. Whatever the symptoms, Dr. Land will help you find understand your condition and make sure you get the most effective treatment to improve your quality of life.