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As a board-certified urologist with years of surgical experience, Dr. Land is uniquely qualified to perform safe and effective vasectomies. If you’re considering a vasectomy for birth control or other health reasons, Dr. Land is happy to talk you through the procedure and minimal recovery. Should you decide it’s right for you, you and Dr. Land will schedule an appointment for treatment.

A vasectomy is a very effective form of birth control, with an over 99% success rate. Although it’s a surgical procedure, most patients are able to return to work within 1 to 2 days. The procedure takes 20 to 30 minutes, and most patients leave the hospital feeling a little numb, experiencing only minor swelling or pain.

Vasectomies prevent pregnancy by blocking or sealing the vas deferens, a narrow tube connecting the testicles to the urethra. This prevents sperm from leaving the testicles and entering the semen. While semen is still produced, it is sterile. The unused sperm is safely absorbed into the body.

There are a variety of approaches to vasectomy, many of which are equally effective. Dr. Land can talk through the available procedures and help you determine which is right for you. Vasectomies are considered a permanent form of birth control, although there are more complicated procedures that can reverse them. Dr. Land will happily discuss those options with his patients as well.